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Sunday, August 13, 2006Y

teh hipperacive gray sampaguita ice cream.

lol. that's the whole miXture of what i'm doing right now, which are:

*debate for filipino
*journals and written reports for histciv
*presentation of results for dirpsy
*poetry recital and writing exercises for literature
*documentation and reaction paper for rels
*case presentation for practicum

shit. might as well sleep the day off. hahahaha

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Thursday, August 10, 2006Y


it's 2;30Am and i am not sleepy at the very least.

i finished VANILLA. hahahaha. finally thanks to the help of a LOT of people ;D

later i'll start wit my case report. fuck it. fuck it!!!!!!!

listening to: inner core (yea baby!)

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006Y

what a lie, you and i.

okay.. no boyfriend or whatever. it's just that i'm going back to my youth listening to backstreet boys. i feel like a swooning teenager again when i hear their songs, haha.

well anyway. i spent my super last day at abs-cbn and *cry* i'm gonna miss them all, especially sir gerry and miss bing who perenially argue over whose insurance plan is better, haha. plus mam jhay and her funny lines plus mam kaketh and mam lipot with their elj stuff. haaaay..

well on the bright side, i was able to go inside the Big Brother House, and was able to get a glimpse of the interior (the house itself) but we weren't able to get in because it was dirty and maalikabok. i saw where the old confession room was (it was moved somewhere else since the house was being expanded), where the cameras rotated and where they set up the stage whenever somebody gets evicted. well i also saw Laurenti Dyogi, the director of the show. he's really handsome and tall, though he looks kinda snobby.

another good thing, i saw Diether Ocampo! OMG! he's so hoot (tssss) lol. i swear. Diether and Uma (i love him he's so cute!) compensate for me not seeing my beloved TJ and Piolo. *sniff* lol whatever,

listening to: I Still (BSB)

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Sunday, July 30, 2006Y

ready..... steady.................. CELL!

just came back from CELL (Center for Ecozoic Living and Learning) for a 2-day community service. it was so much fun! though kinda freaky because of the gigantic mosquitoes, humongous ants and flying roaches.

when we got there, it was gloomy so when we had the tour at around 11 i think, mille, nikki and i took our baths in the rain. haha. it was really fun! ;D then lunch. i swear all we did there was to eat, smoke (me and mille) and take pictures. ha, until real work began at 1pm. we planted plants i didn't know the name of, got ourselves wet (the others joined bathing too) and got ourselves dirty with mud and everything.

then we watched a movie which was so boring. but thanks to the caterpillar on my jacket, we all woke up! lol. then we had mass, had dinner and real fun begins! we were supposed to have bonfire with the hotdog (TJ) and marshmallow (MELLO) but since it rained, they cancelled the bonfire and instead left us to do whatever we wanted to. we played card games (123 pass) and Kings (which i totally sucked at). i was asked questions consecutively and mille and i were so weird. hahahaha.. EROTIC! hahaha.

then we were having the time of our lives when somebody shouted "COCKROACH!!!!!" and we all ran and asked the other helpers of CELL to kill the roach. but they were just looking and laughing at us! my god. i swear. then the roach left. then nikki said it came back. we didn't wanna go back to our seats unless it surely left. then mark checked our bench, no roach. much to our surprise, we saw the roach flying! flying stupidly around the room so i dashed and ran through the gravel and rocks towards my slippers. my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!

conclusion: TJ + MELLO + flying roach = laughtrip!

listening to: butterfly's sleep

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Friday, July 28, 2006Y

teh last day.

technically i spent my last day at abs yesterday, and a lot of things happened:

1. i got gifts from my superiors (really nice)
2. my supervisor found out about tj being my crush
3. tristan found a new reason to grow his hair long
4. drink drink drink drink drink! yaaaaaay!

yea.. lol. hahaha.. i'm going to cavite tomorrow till sunday so....... happy planting and worm-sorting (ewwww) for me! ;D

playing: twinkle, twinkle

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006Y

super j-rock survey.

001) How did you discover JRock? *rurouni kenshin and some other animes*
002) When did you discover JRock? *5-6 years ago ^^*
003) So how long have you been a fan then? *yea, 5-6 years ago*
004) Are you a fan of Visual Kei? *not really*
005) Are you a fan of JPop? *not really*
006) Are you a fan of fanservice? *hahahaha*

007) First solo artist you heard? *gackt*
008) First band/group you heard? *l`arc~en~ciel*
009) First JRock crush? *HYDE*
010) First JRocker to scare you? *kyo of diru. i swear*
011) First JRocker you mistook for a woman? *HYDE*
012) First yaoi pairing you saw? *hmmm. tetsu and hyde i think*
013) First yaoi pairing you became a fan of? *sakura and hyde*
014) First Asian Kung-Fu Generation song?*nada
015) First B'z song? *haa*
016) First baroque song? **
017) First BLOOD song? **
018) First Buck-Tick song? *i forgot the title*
019) First Deadman song? *gaah*
020) First D'espairsRay song? *hmm*
021) First Dir en grey song? *ain't afraid to die*
022) First Due'le Quartz song? **
023) First Duel Jewel song? **
024) First Gackt song? *funny, but the first song of gackt that i heard was
'last song'*

025) First Gazette song? **
026) First GLAY song? *rain i think*
027) First hide song? *pink spider*
028) First Hyde song? *shallow sleep*
029) First Iceman song? *ga*
030) First J song? **
031) First Janne da Arc song? *i think they covered a l`arc song so..*
032) First Kagerou song? **
033) First Kagrra song? **
034) First L'Arc~en~Ciel song? *the fourth avenue cafe*
035) First La'Cryma Christi song? **
036) First Lareine song? **
037) First Luna Sea song? *shit i forgot the title again*
038) First Malice Mizer song? *le ciel*
039) First Merry song? **
040) First Miyavi song? **
041) First Moi dix Mois song? **
042) First MUCC song? **
043) First Nightmare song? **
044) First PENICILLIN song? **
045) First Pierrot song? *I FUCKING FORGOT!*
046) First Plastic Tree song? **
047) First Psycho le Cemu song? **
048) First Raphael song? **
049) First SADS song? **
050) First Schwarz Stein song? **
051) First SHAZNA song? **
052) First Shiina Ringo song? **
053) First Siam Shade song? *1/3 no junjou na kanjou*
054) First Sugizo song? **
055) First Tetsu69 song? *15 1/2*
056) First TRANSTIC NERVE song? **
057) First X Japan song? *towa no mirai*

058) Favorite band? *L`Arc~en~Ciel dude*
059) Favorite band musically? *same*
060) Favorite band physically (eye-candy)? *ooosh! laruku is love*
061) Favorite Indies band? *nada*
062) Favorite JRocker? *hyde rocks my socks*
063) Favorite vocalist? *hyde*
064) Favorite guitarist? *keeeeen-chan.*
065) Favorite bassist? *tetsu and zigzo's bassist i forgot his name*
067) Favorite pianist/keyboardist? *gackt*
068) Favorite song? *winter fall, nemuri ni yosete*
069) Favorite PV? *and She Said, Pieces, Last Song*
070) Favorite Live? *shibuya seven days*
071) Favorite clip (behind the scenes, candid, etc)? *Asialive Tokyo*
072) Favorite Gackt commercial? *gaah. too many to pick from*
073) Favorite couple? *hyde and megumi. deuh*

______This Or That?______
074) Skirt or pants? *pants!!*
075) Mana or Izam? *izam or else hess-chan will kill me*
076) Kyo or Tatsurou? *kyo. even though he scared me before*
077) Gackt or Miyavi? *gackt. tho he looks like a *toot!*
078) Taiji or Heath? *??*
079) J or Sugizo? *sugizo*
080) Yoshiki: Long hair or short? *short!*
081) Ken: Facial hair or none? *none. he looks so young now*
082) Aya: Boy or girl? *boy!*
083) Kirito: Gay or straight? *omg. lol*
084) Daisuke: *are?*
085) hide: Dead or alive? *hmm..*
086) Gackt x Hyde or Hyde x Gackt? *hyde x gackt*

______Which JRocker Is Most...______
087) Adorable? *HYDE!!!!*
088) Annoying? *trying not to speak in fear of flying tomatoes*
089) Attractive? *SAKURA!!!!!!!!!*
090) Bishi? *HYDE*
091) Childish? *HYDE*
092) Cute? *HYDE*
093) Disturbing? *tetsu. i swear*
094) Dorky? *HYDE!*
095) Edible? *SAKURA. i am so gonna eat him*
096) Feminine? *HYDE*
097) Frightening? *kyo*
098) Gay? *hahahaha. GACKT!*
099) Masculine? *SAKURA*
100) Otaku? *are*
101) Reserved? *SAKURA. reserved for me lol*
102) Sex-able? *SAKURA!*
103) Talented? *HYDE*
104) Zealous? *gackt!!!!!!!!!*

____First JRocker That Comes To Mind______
105) Abs: *gackt. fine*
106) Alcohol: *ken*
107) Alien: *gackt!*
109) Bondage: *HYDE - "i play you obey"* lol
110) Chicken: *??*
111) Dictator: *HYDE*
112) Engrish: *gackt!*
113) Food: *hyde*
114) Goth: *??*
115) Hentai: *KEN!*
116) Hump: *hyde*
117) Kimono: *are*
118) Kinky: *TETSU!!!!!!!!*
119) Leather: *sakura*
120) Moon: *gackt*
121) Piercing: *hyde*
122) Platforms: *TETSU!!!!!!!!!!*
123) Sex: *sakura. and me. hahaha*
124) Smoking: *ken, sakura, hyde, yuki and moi lol*
125) Vanilla: *deuh. who else?*
126) Visual: *diru boys*

______Place A JRocker______
127) America: *gackt*
128) China: *yukihiro*
129) France: *ken*
130) Hawaii: *sakura*
131) Hospital: *hahaha. gackt*
132) Japan: *all of them*
133) Los Angeles: *HYDE. city of angels, dude*
134) Mars: *GACKT!*
135) McDonald's: *sakura*
136) Merry-go-Round: *laruku boys*
137) Movie Theater: *me and sakura. alone!*
138) Okinawa: *ken. with the old people*
139) Pet Store: *KEN!*
140) Pharmacy: *haha. ken*
141) Supermarket: *sakura*
142) Sushi Bar: *hyde!*
143) The North Pole: *yukihiro!*

______Who's Most Likely...______
144) To get the stuffing beat out of them? *yukihiro*
145) To get kidnapped? *HYDE*
146) To have kids? *sakura. with me. teh!!!*
147) To eat kids? *lol*
148) An actual woman? *tetsu!*
149) An evil spy? *sakura*
150) A government agent? *yukihiro*
151) An alien? *gackt!*
152) American? *yukihiro*
153) To rule Japan? *gackt*
154) To rule the world? *HYDE!*
155) To go bald? *sakura hahaha*
156) To get braces? *hyde! lower teeth!*
157) To go into retirement first? *tetsu*

______What Would You Do If...______
158) Gackt quit writing music? *saad.*
159) Toshiya got braces? *lol*
160) Yoshiki went bald? *hahahaha*
161) Klaha bleached his hair? *eeeeek*
162) Mana became Japan's next Prime Minister? *uh-oh*
163) hide appeared in your room? *FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!*
164) Koshi stopped singing? *awww*
165) Jiro sat on you? *lol*
166) Miyavi bit you? *bite him back!*
167) Yasu spanked you? *THROW MY MUG AT HIM*
168) Hyde glomped you? *rape him!*
169) Sugizo mooned you? *moon him!*
170) Yukke poked you? *poke him!*
171) Sakura offered you a joint? *take it and rape him!!*
172) Izumi could kick Jet Li's ass? *yaay!*
173) They made a Psycho le Cemu anime? *cute!*
174) Akira [baroque] became your new classmate/co-worker? *befriend him and make me rich!*
175) Kozi poked you in the eye? *kill him!*
176) Hakuei gave you a lapdance? *niceeeee!!*
177) Kirito was your roommate? *hahaha*
178) seek wanted to take a stroll through your neighborhood? *i don't even walk around here*
179) Levin started speaking Spanish? *O_O*
180) Hisashi decided to wear a mohawk? *hahahaha*
181) Kyo did parapara? *cute!*
182) Chachamaru cut his hair? *O_O*
183) Toshi left his cult? *are*
184) Sakito assassinated the Emperor of Japan? *cool. i'd join him*
185) Ryou popped out of your closet? *eww*
186) Takuro picked his nose during an interview? *EWWWW!*

187) First JRock song you ever heard? *the fourth avenue cafe*
188) Song that best captures JRock? *hmmm.. love flies*
189) Song best performed live? *promised land*
190) Song that turns you on? *hahaha. eien*
191) Sappiest? *dearest love!!!*
192) Happiest? *new world*
193) Saddest? *winter fall*
194) Best for head-banging? *promised land - live, as one*
195) Best for dancing? *stay away!*
196) Best for driving? *ready steady go, time slip*
197) Best for summer? *ready steady go*
198) Best for winter? *WINTER FALL*
199) Best for Halloween? *lol*
200) Best for Christmas? *i wish!*
201) Best party song? *butterfly sleep, ready steady go*
202) Makes you hungry? *sweet vanilla, honey*
203) Makes you sleepy? *the silver shining, a silent letter*
204) Makes you angry? *bravery*
205) Makes you hyper? *ready steady go*
206) Makes you think of snow? *snow drop!*
207) Makes you think of flowers? *flower*
208) Makes you think of vampires? *orenji no taiyou*
209) Makes you think of the moon? *crescent*
210) Makes you think of water? *garasu tama*
211) Makes you think of rain? *rain*
212) Song you'd like played at your wedding? *hmm.. dearest love / eien*
213) Song you'd like played at your funeral? *pieces*
214) Song that would go best in a movie? *hitomi no juunin hydeless version*
215) Song that would go best in an anime? *ready steady go, stay away*
216) Song that would go best in a video game? *butterfly's sleep*
217) Best intro? *nemuri ni yosete - so cute!*
218) Best ending? *niji*
219) Best guitar solo? *jojoushi, driver's high, love flies*
220) Best bass line? *blurry eyes, honey*
221) Best acoustic guitar work? *i'm so happy - acoustic*
222) Best piano work? *gackt - story*
223) Best drum work? *yuki - snowdrop, sakura - a song for you*
224) Best vocals? *hyde dammit!*
225) Best written? *winter fall - hyde*

______What Would You Do/Say if You Met...______
226) Gackt? *can i touch your plastic butt?*
227) L`Arc~en~Ciel Hyde? *i'm dying tomorrow so will you let me rape you?*
228) L`Arc~en~Ciel Tetsu? *can i gift wrap you and sell you on ebay?*
229) L`Arc~en~Ciel Ken? *darn you ken. give me my menthol!*
230) L`Arc~en~Ciel Yukihiro? *DRUMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SMILE MORE!!!!!!!!*
231) L`Arc~en~Ciel Sakura? *I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!*
232) Dir en grey: Kaoru? *dude. fix yourself. haha then i get slapped*
233) Dir en grey: Die? *peace man*
234) Dir en grey: Toshiya? *make me rich*
235) Dir en grey: Shinya? *make me popular!*
236) Dir en grey: Kyo? *don't eat me dammit!*
237) Due'le Quartz: *hey*
238) Miyavi? *drools*


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Tuesday, July 25, 2006Y

beer is teh love

office was suspended at 3, and since i didn't wanna go home yet, me and mark went to fatima's at 13th floor, stayed there till like 4 and decided to go somewhere else. me mark fatima her sister and kuya mark went to janero's and drank the night away. saaad, it's our 2nd to teh last day. i only saw tj once. haha. but that other tall guy. ah never mind. i died in supermario because of him.

listening to: a silent letter

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november twenty-three:

teh fabY

^ is love.


<3 i heart sakura.
<3 i heart hyde.
<3 i heart the stage actor last saturday.
<3 i heart tj.
<3 i heart the little boys of laruku.
<3 i heart teh rainbow.

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